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9 Ways To Learn To Read Music

It is never too late to learn to read music. People of any age in any circumstances can learn because you do not need more than a harmonica to hear the proper notes. There is not as much variety with a harmonica, however, so choosing the guitar, the piano or a brass instrument might be a little more productive.

Before you decide to start any lessons, you need to decide what instrument you would like to play. Although all notes on a sheet of paper are the same, picking out the notes on the particular instrument changes depending on what you are playing. All brass, voice and string instruments use notes that look the same on paper. The particular instrument itself will have its own unique sounds that can be made.

You must be able to hear the notes that are being played to be able to read them on the sheet of paper. After a while, you will associate the notes you see with the sound you hear in your mind. What you see on the paper will also tell you how long to hold the note and in what key it is played. You can play without knowing how to read the notes but you will not be able to read them without being taught first.

You can learn on any instrument at all but it is best to learn on something that is interesting to you. When you want to be able to play beautiful music, especially a certain song that love, you will be more dedicated to learning.

Make sure you are learning on an instrument you enjoy. People who are being forced to do something, even play a musical instrument, will not enjoy themselves. They will be frustrated and rebellious, like the child whose parents are paying for piano lessons the youngster doesn't want. Always enjoy what you are doing, especially if that activity is bringing something beautiful to the ears of the world. It is less of a burden and much easier to do when you want to do it.

A piano is one of the easiest instruments to use to learn to read sheet music. The notes and keys are easy to find. Staves are the horizontal lines that the notes are written on. The beginning of each stave contains a symbol called a clef. This symbol represents what key the music should be played in.

There are generally two numbers, also at the beginning of the stave. These represent the rhythm of the music, such as musical notes played in two-two time or four-four time. Four-four is the most common pace, especially for beginners. Counting out a 1-2-3-4 beat as you play, or using a metronome to help you stay on time are both good ideas for those just starting out.

The Internet and stores that sell musical instruments are great resources to finding methods to help you learn to read music. Experts work in the stores and are sometimes willing to give lessons to interested customers. This is a great way to be taught by the professionals.

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