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Taser C2 Hard Case Review

If you are planning to buy stun guns and doing some research online about the stun guns and similar non-lethal self-defense devices, you have to read many stun gun reviews that are accessible in the Internet to help you list down the best features you wish for.

It is really through reading stun gun reviews that I was able to find out about Taser C2. Best features I like in Taser C2 are that it is both short-range and long-range self-defense device. In case an assailant should grip me from my back, it is just an easy matter as sticking the prongs to his body and shooting 50,000 volts. Its effectiveness as long-range device I tested when a criminal broke into our home. He was about to go up stairs but I did not give him a chance. From the top, I hit him with Taser C2's darts. He was right away immobilized by the 50,000 volts of current that coursed through the wires attached to the darts.

However I have the reason to be disappointed in stun gun reviews. There actually no reviews on the many stun gun accessories that are offered. I had to go through a distributor site's catalogue to find replacement cartridges for my Taser C2.

Doing such research I saw the Taser C2 Hard Case Holster Black. The first time I saw it, I didn't think twice about buying it together with my replacement cartridges.

The Taser C2 Hard Case Holster Black is made of the premium black leather. It has a revolving belt clip so that you can simply attach the holster and the device to your belt at your hip. With its immediate access magnetic flap, it is very simple to pull out your Taser C2 when you are approached by a criminal. The magnetic flap also permits for firm closure, so that there is no danger of your Taser C2 falling out.

Thanks to my Taser C2 Hard Case Holster Black, I can actually bear my self-defense device everywhere and anywhere I want.

I suggested that reviewers don't just focus on doing stun gun reviews. Some individual like me may also reward from information and reviews on the many stun gun accessories that are offered in the market nowadays. This is the main reason why I have written this Taser C2 Hard Case Holster Black Review. Hoping that this review will find others to be helpful and come up with similar informative write-ups on other stun gun accessories.

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