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Learning Chords On THe Piano

If you have elected to learn how to play the piano at home as opposed to going to a personal piano tutor then you'll most certainly have obtained a distance learning course online or a piano learning DVD. The very first thing you may learn is how to find all the notes on the keyboard and the way to play one or two basic melodies. The next step is to start to learn certain fundamental chords... Playing recognisable tunes along with chords places you on the right track to becoming a real piano player. In most situations this occurs pretty quickly.

Piano chord fundamentals are all that is required at this initial stage and piano chords are basically really easy to play. The most simple piano chord is composed of only 3 notes. Also, in its most basic form the base or first of these three notes is the note of the name of the chord itself. This suggests that for a C chord, the note at the bottom will be C itself.

The subsequent notes are very simple also... Simply go up 2 and then 2 once more. This means that from the base of C for instance, you move up two notes to the E and then 2 more up to the G. Therefore the notes of the C chord are C, E, G.

When you start to play other chords it might become a little more complex due to the flats and sharps. In the key of D as an example the F is usually played as F sharp so that the chord of D is, D F sharp A. The pattern of this basic chord however will remain the same. The bass of the chord then move up 2 and up two again.,, as straightforward as that.

Insert a bass note and a little rhythm to these chords and you will be playing good sounding music in a flash. You'll find it pretty straightforward to remember the patterns of each chord but solely to be sure you get it right there's is a chord sheet available on my web page to set you straight. This shows you the fundamental notes that each chord is composed of.

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