Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

A Couple Common Lawn Problems You Could Be Having

It's the time of year again that lawn can easily start to have issues, at least in certain regions of the nation. With such powerful heat waves, lawn can generally start to die of too much heat. But there are plenty of other common lawn issues that often afflict a lawn that can strike any time throughout the year. Nobody likes to stroll outside to a massive dead patch. Diagnosing lawn issues properly can really help bring your lawn back to life.

The most important lawn ailment is bad soil. That's the bane of any weak and dying plant. That and lack of water. If your lawn is rooted in bad soil or if you are not watering correctly, you will find your lawn growing in thin and patchy. Figure out a better watering schedule and try to find ways of fertilizing more often.

Another of the largest grass ailments out there is rabbits. Rabbits can ravage a lawn, eating one patch of grass down to the nubs and killing it before moving on. Rabbits are not grazers who move around a lot on a lawn. Instead, they often stay in one spot, often a spot where they suspect they will be well placed to flee quickly from danger.

Pet urine may also be the source of plenty of Issues. If your lawn is dying in regular, circular patterns, you could have a pet that has staked out your lawn as a preferred area to mark their territory. Even if you do not have a dog of your own, you may have a neighbor who walks their dog by your house each week who lets their dog use your lawn as a pit stop.

A final grass killer are grubs and worms that live beneath the surface. These grubs eat the roots of the grass and will eventually make it completely die. If you can pull up clumps of your grass with minimal effort, that's to say, if there aren't roots left on the end of your dying grass, then you may want to invest in some grub poison. Even dead grass will ordinarily still be rather dfficult to pull up. The roots will continue to be intact. Hope that these tips help.

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