Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Why You Should Buy Organic Clothing

There has been a lot of talk about going organic and this has not just been in regard to food. If you follow trends in clothing you would know that there have been a lot of trend leaders in the fashion industry who have also been making a big deal about organic clothing and it is easy to wonder what all the fuss is about. However, the benefits are so many.

First of all, it is not all fabrics which are called natural that are organic. Also known as green clothing, for a fabric to merit that term, it means that from cultivation to the finished product, no chemicals were used on it. In the case of cotton for instance, this means that there were no pesticides or herbicides used on the plant and chemicals were not used to treat the product when it was being processed into fabric.

There are not many that meet these stringent criteria and those that do, tend to be a bit more expensive than the clothes on which chemicals were used. Other examples include linen, hemp, jute and bamboo amongst others. Not all of these are expensive as bamboo is a very affordable form of textile.

One benefit of green clothes is that they do not contain any residue of harmful substances. When these toxic elements have been used on fabrics, they remain there even after countless washings and cause irritation to the skin. For those who are allergic or sensitive to chemicals, the effects are even more harmful.

Even though clothes made from these fabrics might be a more expensive at first, they are incredibly durable and last through up to a hundred machine washes in some cases. This means that by buying green fabric, you get to save money.

Perhaps the overwhelming reason to buy green clothing is the contribution to the environment. These clothes use less water in production, save those who work on them from exposure to harmful and toxic substances and have less impact on the environment. It is a way of leaving a smaller footprint on the environment.

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