Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Improving Your Relationships and Self Confidence

There's one huge difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance is about proving yourself because you feel inadequate or fearful that you are not good enough in some way. Confidence, alternatively is about enhancing your self esteem. When you have confidence, your main corncern is not with another person, but with yourself. It's about growing to be an improved version of yourself, typically by aiding others.

If you think about the most arrogant person you know, chances are they that they don't have good confidence and self esteem. This person constantly puts on an arrogant act because they secretly feel that if you were to see the real person inside, you would think less of them. Now, think about the most confident person you know. If that person is genuinely confident, they like who they are inside, and are supporting and compassionate to others.

It is sad when a person suffers from arrogance. And yet, what is also sad is that those around them suffer too. Arrogant people secretly are pleased when others fail or have flaws because it makes them feel better about themselves, whereas a person with confidence will help others to succeed and respect who they are, despite their flaws.

Deep down, many arrogant people wish they could be a different person. Do not wish you were somebody else, but love who you are. You have a built in image maker and when you put it to use you can improve your self esteem. You learn to enjoy yourself and achieve confidence. When you begin to imagine yourself as you want to be, you feel differently about yourself and as a result act differently. It's an easy, little exercise to modify how you feel about yourself. Any time you do this, you'll be pleased of yourself and will love life a whole lot more because you will have good self esteem.

Your self confidence has an effect on all areas of life, particularly your relationships. Lots of people have met that special person, but aren't really having the wonderful relationship they envisioned. You can work with the Law of Attraction to transform any relationship at any time.

What many people don't realize is that the same energy behind what they say to a person is the actual relationship vibration they have with that person. Think about the energy you are putting out when you talk and how it will affect their self confidence. Whether you are initiating the conversation or are responding to something they said, you send a specific energy to the other person. Make sure to always concentrate on their good qualities. Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage by sending energy messages in your conversation that will attract back to you what you would like. What you send out will be what you receive. You are able to change any relationship by simply changing the energy between you and the other person. Probably the most effective way to do that is in how you speak and in the words you say.

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