Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

Why you Should Make your Own Dog Treats

Raising a dog is both expensive and fulfilling, as others would say it; it's like having your own kid. Once you get a dog, you can't just throw him away if you can't keep up with the mess and the cost. Dog treats were made for dogs so we have a way of pampering and giving them awards if they have done something right. It's like giving your kid a toy and ice cream. However their costs are really high and as much as we want to give our dogs everyday treats, we just can't afford it. There is a way to overcome that, why not make your own dog food and treats? It will be easy and fun!

* In the hot summer, you can make ice drops for your pet dog. Using molds for ice drops or simply an empty ice cube tray will do. Just pour some cream or yogurt on each tray and don't fill it too much. Once half full, just add your dog's favorite sweets like a small portion of peanut butter, strawberries, mangoes or even raisins. Add just enough until everything is in the right portion. Chill and serve. * Recycle your cooking oil. Well not just any cooking oil. If you just cooked breakfast and have fried bacons, the oil itself will have that flavor too. Dogs simply love it. You can get add a little on his food for added flavor or even with some bread.

* Sure your dog doesn't look like bugs bunny but you can actually give him a whole carrot. He can chew and eat that and surely he'll enjoy it. He also gets the vitamins that he needs. You can also try squash and turnips. * You can also bake cookies for your buddy and you can play around with ingredients. You can add rice, vanilla, flour, egg, oatmeal and a whole lot more. If you're not busy, just try a few pieces of each recipe to see how your dog likes it.

Recipes are everywhere; you don't even need to look for a cook book. Search the Internet and you will be excited with all the available recipes. Bet you'll want to try them all. The ingredients are not at all expensive and you will really be surprised at how simple they are to make. Nothing is more nutritious than meat; do you have some left over crock pot dish from your slow cooker recipes? You can use them as the main ingredient for cookies or breads. Slow cooker recipes aren't just for us; there are actually recipes in the Internet for dog treats that can be cooked over the crock pot.

Small amounts of bacon grease are a huge favorite for dogs. You can flavor their treats with a half slice of bacon or with a 1/4 teaspoon of the bacon grease. You will probably have difficulty finding a dog that doesn't love bacon. The same is true with cheese. Almost any kind of cheese and served pretty much any way you can think of and your pup will likely gulp it right down and come looking for more.

Who says saving money can be a hard task? Sometimes, it's another way to have fun and to even bond with your kids and pet. Who knows, you can start your own home-made dog treat business sometime.

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