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World of Warcraft Leveling guide: Speedy Tips and Methods

You may have oftentimes wondered as to exactly how to level with World of Warcraft fast enough, while not having to squander your precious time on the hows and whys of the game. Thus, you will be pleased to find out that, like every alternative game, WoW too has techniques and tricks; one merely needs to know how and when to apply them.

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide:

- The first and foremost stage is deciding on the best profession. The most suitable professions for novices are Mining and Alchemy, as these two professions are such that they tend not to require any specific expertise, and give you instant rewards.

- Picking Herbalism for a Companion Ability aids you in obtaining and accumulating ingredients that are required for developing magical potions. If you do not possess this ability, you will be incapable to put together a potion even if you have all the right ingredients.

- The searching of herbs might be done manually, but it's more convenient and much less time consuming if you just hit on the "P" button, which will present your character's abilities, and then click on the Herbalism Button. This feature highlights any important/useful herbs in your locality by presenting a small, yellow dot on your map. Your characters could go to anywhere these dots appear, and gather the herbs that it needs.

- Producing potions is not an effortless task for newcomers. Avoid using innovative mixtures, because they require a high level of experience to concoct. Always start with the easiest of options available: grey is pretty simple, while green is a little more difficult. The red is the most difficult, even though we recognize that the harder concoctions score us more points.

- Herbalists really should farm in the Swamp of Sorrows. Whatever you grow there will not be sold for anything less than one gold piece.

- You should always attempt selling raw supplies in place of finished goods at the General public sale Home. Since crafters purchase raw materials to create their goods, raw supplies will always be in more demand, effecting more sales for you.

- Get as many quests as possible. This grants you a lot of experience points, as well as armours, weapons, gold etc.

- Try out having a game system ready before logging in; if you comprehend what you're doing, you level up quickly without wasting any of your valuable time.

- Try a blend of grinding and questing. Either one of them might possibly slow down your progress, but as a combo, these two can help you achieve levels more quickly.

- It's kind of stating the obvious, but refrain from killing mobs that are too high of a level for you, else your character might end up dead. Dying repeatedly only slows down your development.

- Make sure you read your quest log thoroughly. Most of the times, your unanswered questions will find their explanations there. Saves you a lot of time.

Of course, these ideas are mere guidelines. How YOU execute them is what matters in the end. Remember that the game has 70 levels, and it WILL take some time to arrive at that level. But don't stress. Play this game frequently enough, and soon you'll be coming up with your own tricks and tips on how to level up fast!

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