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Analysis of Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2011 is a new version of Excel for Mac. It represents a dramatic shift in terms of user interface and also in numerous features. Excel 2011 is a big jump forward for Excel on Mac and represents arguably the best application for making and modifying spreadsheets on the Mac platform. There are literally hundreds of improvements that make it worth for you to change from the older versions,eg Excel 2004 or Excel 2008 for Mac.

Professional users will be delighted to find that Macro are again supported by Microsoft Excel for Mac. The very first thing that you realize when you try new Excel 2011 is that it's totally different than the previous versions. The design has been fully transformed, famous floating toolbars and formatting palette are gone. There are just two toolbars, standard and formatting and Ribbon.

Fundamentally Excel 2011 looks much like Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows. You can customise or maybe hide Ribbon. It changes to match the task to hand if you're doing word-processign it'll show you options more helpful for that task. Creating documents in Excel is very easy, for instance if you double click a picture the application will instantly show you options for image revising. Ribbon and toolbars are now integrated into each Excel windows, so there is little floating around. Overall, it may be said that Excel 2011 offers amazing user interface, it is extremely easy to use and efficient.

Microsoft Excel 2011 comes as part of Microsoft Office selection of word-processing applications. You can download free Microsoft Office as 30 day test version.

A vital improvement in Excel 2011 is definitely sparklines which are little and simple graphs contained within a single field in a table. These are good for representing a trend in a basic, but effective way.

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