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The Conveniences Of A Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is becoming the trend not only in business establishments but also in regular houses today. This is because this type of flooring not only gives out an amazing effect but also has a very high durability. As opposed to regular cement floors, this kind of flooring has more advantages and requires little effort in its maintenance.

Polished concrete is a type of concrete treated with a densifier and ground with grinding tools. The chemical densifier acts as a sealing agent on the surface of the floor so that it will be less permeable to liquid and moisture. Cemented floor by nature is a porous material. It contains pores that are due to moisture evaporation and these microscopic holes interfere with the uniformity of the surface. The densifier fills out these pores to even out the surface of the floor. Moreover, it makes the flooring stronger and enables it to achieve a better shine.

The major factor that gained polished concrete its popularity is the advantages it offers. As opposed to other flooring alternatives, it is very sustainable. You will not need to exert tremendous labor and to spend a lot just to polish your floor. Polishing a floor does not require the replacement of an old floor but rather make use of the materials that are already present. For a floor to be refined, it just needs to undergo grinding and coating with floor densifiers.

Another advantage brought about by polished concrete is it maximizes ambient lighting. Floors that are well shined admirably reflect light thus giving a building a brighter interior. This advantage makes minimal need for overhead lights. Moreover, the high visibility and glow inside a building gives it a sense of cleanliness, elegance, and prestige.

Further, keeping its gloss and shine takes minimal expense and little sweat. It is a low-maintenance option compared to other flooring alternatives. Polished concrete is highly resistant to scratches and is not prone to mold growth. It is also resistant to wearing and cavities because it does not chip off or dent. This factor is said to lessen the chance of having dust mites and allergens in your floors. Moreover, it does not require waxing to maintain its mirror-like finish. All it takes is dusting and mopping at least once a week.

Maintaining the shine of this refined flooring is easy. With basic cleaning such as mopping it with warm soapy water, you can retain its luster for years. In some cases, you can also opt to use commercial polishing agents. Special cleaners produced by manufacturers offer cleaning results that not only remove dusts and stains but also leave a thin scratch-resistant layer that further intensifies your floor's durability.

On the other hand, for floors that covers a wide surface area like in commercial buildings and shopping malls, buffing machines may be employed to save time. Modern buffing machines are manufactured with diamonds in their grits thus they are able to polish floors back to its original shine with ease.

polished concrete is the best option over regular flooring alternatives. It has the advantages and benefits that outweigh any solution for flooring aesthetics. But more than that, it can be acquired without replacing your floor and with a very reasonable price. A well shined concrete give out the beauty and elegance that can last a lifetime.

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