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Learn More about CNA Classes

The Certified Nursing Assistant has slightly differing duties in accordance with the state rules and the particular work place, and hence the CNA classes will also differ, but there are certain common duties which all have to learn and perform.

Most patients in hospitals will have certain common tasks where they need help, such as helping with the operation process, taking the blood pressure, temperature of the patient, feeding, cleaning, bathing, undressing him and so on. He must also record important health signs in the patient and all this forms part of the training given in the CNA classes.

The CNA classes are conducted in hospitals and other similar facilities, but taking the course in hospitals might be more beneficial for practical training. Online courses are also available. These are just courses that can be finished within 6 to 12 weeks and you can locate them in your specific area. The states usually specify a fixed number of hours for the CNA classes, with particular allotment for lectures which are usually about 60 to 80 hours.

It is important that the student attains at least 80% marks in the written examinations and a 100% in the skills test, as it is a healthcare program. However, the student can undergo a retest several times to prove his nursing assistant skills through the CNA classes. The CNA classes are very challenging and one must be adept at time management. One should also be familiar with the course material before starting the classes.

Day classes are usually offered for the CNA course, though there are also evening classes. The CNA classes are concerned with both laboratory work and lectures lasting a few weeks. You can opt for CNA classes offered by the Red Cross, as they are well known for their high standards. They fulfill the federal criteria and also the requirements of different states, which vary slightly. The CNA classes are offered by them throughout the country, across many cities. If the student undergoes CNA training at their institutions, he can be sure of attaining the best and perfect training and become a qualified and competent Certified Nursing Assistant.

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