Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

Sleek Contemporary Beds For You And Your Kids

Don't get left out and give your bedroom a much needed twenty-first-century flair. The bed defines the look and feel of your personal space to a great extent, being that it is the largest among the furniture pieces found therein. Since you will be spending at least a third of your entire day in bed, getting one that is comfy and well designed is definitely important.

While designer beds are indeed luxury items, its one indulgence you won't regret buying. If paying for a luxurious bed means you get good quality, uninterrupted sleep then by all means buy it. A long day at work seems more bearable knowing that a cool bed awaits you back home.

The varieties of styles, shapes, and sizes of these cool beds are endless. Platform beds are all the rave these days. If you are one of those people who want an uncluttered bedroom, a Japanese style low-rise platform would blend in perfectly. Beds with built-in LED lighting systems are perfect options if you are more inclined to give a more futuristic feel to your personal space.

There are also cool beds for kids which are even more exciting. There are beds which resemble top-down cars, pirate ships, and space shuttles which will definitely give your boys a grand time. Canopy beds, will make every little girl feel like royalty while she's lying in it. Make-believe games become even more immersive with these cool beds for kids. Older children and teens may not be so fond of these novelty beds. They want cool beds, that are less flashy so to speak.

They seem to prefer loft beds because they can use the top bunk for sleeping and fit a gaming center or study area below. If your teen's bedroom is not that big or if he's sharing the room with another sibling, getting a loft bed is definitely practical as much as it is a space saver. Still, when you are looking for cool beds for your kids and yourself, comfort and durability should always take precedence over form. Try searching online for cool beds and you might just stumble upon one that fits your particular requirements with a price tag that won't cause you nightmares.

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