Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Crate FlexWave FW15R Guitar Amp Combo

The Crate FlexWave FW15R Guitar Amplifier Combo is a fine example of a top quality practice amp. Crate has been known to add new twists to classic equipment and they continue doing so with this offering. Though tiny in prominence, the Crate FlexWave does exactly that. With so many adjustments and differences in such a small package, it essentially transforms itself from a practice amp to a tiny performance amplifier.

The details:

- Power: 15 watts
- 12" speaker
- Distortion and Clean
- Headphone Input
- CD or MP3 player audio input jack
- Weighs 27 lbs.
- Built in three-band EQ
- Evolution 5 preamp, which allows for crisp and clear audio output quality
- Channel tracking feature, which recollects your settings and preferences between channels

The positives

- You need a practice amp that can basically be employed in smaller gigs "either in smaller performances, an audition or gigs in small spaces.
- You need a practice amp that permits you to have different distortion settings between channels and can essentially remember your preferences when switching.
- You would like a practice amp that goes with the type of music that you like "rock and R&B would go well with this bass-heavy practice amp.
- You find yourself shuffling backwards and forwards between audition halls, your room (for more practicing), spur of the moment performances or even little, company gigs. Then this practice amp would be your all-in-one best chum to take around with you wherever you go.
- You want a crossover practice amp that won't let you down during a sequence of in depth auditions and performances.
- You need a practice amp that can double as your mp3 or CD player and can even permit you to jam noiselessly with the headphone jack.

Think about another type of amplifier if

You aren't keen on the heavy-bass sound since this amplifier has a tendency to add more base to its audio output.

You want an even smaller practice amp that will literally fit in your messenger or body bag.

You just want a basic, straightforward amplifier that you can easily bring with you wherever you go (and you need it to be a bit cheaper, too).

You need a lighter practice amp since you will be walking around almost all of the time and don't have the advantage of having an automobile trunk to stow almost all of your things in.

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