Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

A Heart Hospital Riverside Provides Angioplasty

Cardiologists at any heart hospital Riverside may catheterize the coronary arteries for multiple reasons. For instance, cardiologists may want to locate patches of atherosclerosis, or to monitor blood flow in coronary arteries. Doctors will use the catheter to perform a procedure called angioplasty with stenting, if they find a fatty plaque disrupting blood flow in coronary arteries.

Doctors place catheters in a blood vessel of the arm or leg. The catheter is then threaded through the blood vessels, until it reaches the coronary arteries. In angioplasty, a balloon, which is passed through the catheter, is inflated, pressing fatty deposits against the wall of the artery. A tube, or stent, is usually left in place to keep the artery permanently open.

Atherectomy is sometimes performed along with angioplasty. When doctors perform atherectomy, they utilize a laser, or a cutting device, to break up plaques, before performing angioplasty. To prevent a recurrence of artery blockage, doctors use stents which release medications, in addition to holding the artery open.

Angioplasty often relieves chest pain and shortness of breath. During a heart attack, angioplasty is used to quickly open blocked arteries, reducing the amount of damage. Angioplasty, however, is not the right procedure for everyone, especially if patients have weakened cardiovascular systems, diabetes, or narrowing of their main coronary artery.

Angioplasty carries some risks. Risks include the formation of blood clots, and restenosis, which cause arteries to become narrow again. Patients will often be prescribed aspirin or blood thinners, to prevent the formation of clots.

Angioplasty patients should expect up to twenty-four hours of bed rest, and a hospital stay of up to two days. Even so, patients will have a shorter, less painful recovery with angioplasty, than they would with coronary bypass surgery. Cardiologists at a heart hospital Riverside are expert performers of angioplasties, who have compiled years of experience and education.

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